O’Sullivan Group Research “Diffuses” Throughout 2019 Photonics West Conference

Author: Thomas O’Sullivan

SPIE Photonics West Bios

Our research group presented 5 abstracts at the 2019 SPIE Photonics West BIOS conference, the largest biophotonics, biomedical optics, and imaging conference in the world. Congratulations to Ola, Sandhya, and Vince for delivering fabulous presentations, and for the entire group for contributing to this research!  Look for our conference proceedings (in press) in the SPIE Digital Library:

Broadband diffuse optical imaging of tamoxifen-induced changes in breast composition and metabolism
Paper 10856-11

Self-calibrated frequency domain diffuse optical spectroscopy with a phased source array
Paper 10874-2

Toward handheld real time frequency domain diffuse optical spectroscopy
Paper 10874-5

Hyperspectral, hybrid continuous wave and frequency domain diffuse optical tomography in a handheld reflectance geometry for breast cancer diagnostics
Paper 10874-19

Design of a hyperspectral frequency-domain diffuse optical tomography probe for breast imaging
Paper 10874-85